7 Delicious Cheese Toppings For Salad


Not every cheese is right for salad, a smooth, creamy Brie is just too soft and buttery, for example. You want something with substance that you can crumble, shred or cube, with a contrasting texture to the greens and to the acidity of the dressing.


Halloumi can be added to your salad grilled or pan-fried because it will hold its shape also because the flavor is more enjoyable is the cheese is heated in some way, but you can also eat it cold.



Akawi is a slightly salty semi hard- cheese, with a smooth consistency, a very mild and slightly salty flavor that can be added to your salad as.



The popularity of goat cheese in salads soared when chefs started garnishing salads with fried rounds of goat cheese. Fried or not, it’s still a great cheese for salad, even if simply crumbled on top of greens.



Feta, of course, is one of the most successful and best-known salad cheeses. This Middle Eastern classic virtually defines Greek salad, and its salty, tangy flavor is one of the best things an extra-virgin olive oil ever met.



Most people don’t think of Cheddar cheese as a salad ingredient, but in the Midwest it finds its way into many a picnic macaroni salad. And while it may not be the healthiest salad on the planet, English pea salad is a spring classic. A few chunks or handfuls of grated cheddar can turn a light salad into a filling meal. Sharp cheddar is especially good.



This salty, nutty Italian cheese is most often grated over pasta but it’s equally delicious grated or shaved over a salad. Caesar salad is a classic and even a simple chop salad is elevated to a new level with shredded Parmesan.



Swiss cheese is a surprising choice for salads, but it has some of the same nutty flavor characteristics of the hard Italian cheeses.

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