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Since first entering the culinary world at the tender age of 15, Youssef has acquired a worldwide reputation for his creative and purist approach to Lebanese cuisine, after working his way through the kitchens of renowned chefs such as Alain Ducasse, Joel Robuchon, Nicolas Le Bec and Bruno Goussault. Time spent at the Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Patisserie saw him specialize in gluten and lactose-free pastry and go on to become the executive chef at Burgundy Beirut. Equipped with a wealth of experience and inspired by his travels, Youssef then opened brût in Hrajel, Lebanon, where French cuisine is combined beautifully with local ingredients. He also founded Kitchen Backstage, offering consultancy, advisory, training and development services to the F&B and hospitality industry.


  • Culinary Philosophy

    Passion, nature, precision, commitment and quality.

  • Awards

    He is the Executive Chef at Burgundy Beirut, the Managing Partner at Oh Bakehouse, a member of Les Toques Blanches du Monde Chef de l'avenir from L'academie internationale de la gastronomie and a member of l'academie nationale de cuisine.

  • Culinary Philosophy

    Lara3 believes cooking should be accessible and frank. A meal doesn’t have to be fancy and elaborate to look and taste amazing. The simplest recipes executed in the right way make for food that is quite simply divine.


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