Trabolsieh - by Taste & Flavors


Serves 4 | Prep/cooking 40 mins
  • 3 Melva fish, 70g each

Sauce harrah

  • 100g olive oil
  • 150g onions
  • 15g garlic
  • 65g green pepper
  • 65g red pepper
  • 65g yellow pepper
  • 20g chili pepper
  • 50g tomato paste
  • 75g minced fresh coriander
  • 100g tomatoes
  • 3g dry coriander
  • 350g tahini
  • 90g lemon juice
  • 250g grapefruit juice
  • 250g orange juice
  • 50g mixed nuts (cashew, almonds, pine)

1. Slice the onions and the garlic.

2. Cut the green, red and yellow pepper into julienne strips.

3. Cut the chili pepper into dices.

4. Heat the olive oil in a sauce pot over a medium heat.

5. Add the sliced onions and garlic to the olive oil and heat them for 4 minutes. Add the green pepper until it starts to soften before adding consecutively the red, yellow, chili peppers, tomatoes and the minced coriander. Add the tomato paste and dry coriander and cook the mix for 3 minutes on a low heat.

6. In a bowl mix the tahini, lemon juice, grapefruit juice and orange juice until the mixture becomes smooth and homogenized.

7. Boil the tahini mixture and the vegetable mixture together for 2 minutes on a low heat. Season mixture with pepper and salt. Spread the nuts on the top.

8. For the fish, remove the edges and debone using tweezers.

9. Season with salt, pepper, lemon and orange zest.

10. Fold the fish as shown. Place in a baking dish with olive oil and cook at 185°C for 8 minutes.

11. Place on a serving plate above the sauce.

Tip: Melva fish also known as ‘Malifa’ can be replaced with Sultan Ibrahim.

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