Easter table setting ideas and insiprations by michele Salhab Souaid



If you’re hosting an Iftar, there are some aspects that shouldn’t be overlooked: when it comes to appearances, your table should be on theme, bold and  stylish. From color details, to accessories, to patterns, hereby are some tips that will help you have an impressive table setting:

  1. Use Ramadan relevant accessories such as the crescent, the moon, the stars, it is not only decorative but also can be used as a food dish.
  2. The gold color is very attractive during this holiday. Brass, mat or even shiny gold, is appropriate for Ramadan, so use gold cutlery, placemats.
  3. It is primordial to use Ramadan lanterns. It is a must-use decorative item, whether you use it as a giveaway or table accessories, it is essential to have it in order to give out a Ramadan ambiance.
  4. Dark colors such as red, green, purple, mixed with gold are the go to colors for the Ramadan season. I personally like to be funky and always mix dark colors with gold.
  5. Use Ramadan patterns, Arabesque style runners; because they substitute Ramadan accessories on their own. Using Arabesque patterns help a lot during Ramadan. For example, Arabesque patterns candleholders are nice decorative items.
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