Terre Restaurant & Bar



Terre is a contemporary modern eatery & experimental bar.

THE CONCEPT Brand and cuisine are inspired by local artisans. From crop growers to ceramic artists; everything sourced to create this concept is local (and fresh) at its best.

MENU Food and drinks are seasonal, local and fresh produce. Always re-inventive and always pushing towards the new.

CUISINE There is no specific cuisine, a bit of everything, only relying on seasonal and fresh catches. Both food & drinks seem simple but are complicated in terms of technique and leveling of flavor. There’s thought in every detail. You can describe the cuisine as contemporary/modern.

OPENED ON  April 12, 2021

DON’T MISS For the season now it’s the Stracciatella with grilled loquats, the Cabbage with mushroom XO and the Fresh Catch Fish.


Mar Mikhael, Beirut




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