Mix And Match Table setting by Josette Saad, Muscat


by Josette Saad, Muscat

Nowadays, it’s lovely to welcome people into our homes with a beautifully decorated table filled with flowers and foliage picked from nature. It is also nice to use materials that we already have around us without having to purchase anything.

Centerpieces shouldn’t be forgotten. Whether you’re prepping for a casual weekend brunch, lunch or a special event, adding some items can take the occasion up a notch.

‘Mix and match’ is a technique that has become essential in the world of decoration. You can use:

  • WILD FLOWERS to fill an old wicker basket
  • WOODEN BRANCHES FROM NATURE suspended with some flowers that add a colorful touch to the space
  • OLD BOTTLES OF WINE as candles or as plain/painted vases
  • OLD FRAMES as a menu presentation
  • OLD LADDER to display glasses for the aperitif
  • EMPTY GLASS JARS as candle holders

Josette shares three of here favorite quick-and-easy, low-budget and balanced recipes to impress your guests!

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