Healthy Eating Trends of 2019 - Taste and Flavors

Healthy Eating Trends Of 2019

In many ways, food is like fashion. And those of us adventurous and daring are always on the lookout for the best and the newest food to taste, and the newest practice to try out.

However, this year it seems we won’t have to look much further than our pantries, because a lot of Middle Eastern foods are seeing the light of day throughout the rest of the world.

Alternative Milks

For the past few years, plant-based milks have been taking the world by storm. Soy, almond, cashew… it seems every year has welcomed a new kind of milk. This year, it seems oat milk will be hogging the limelight after it was discovered that its consistency as well its ability to foam just like dairy milk make it the perfect substitute in coffee drinks.

Meatless Meat

In the past years, the whole world – including Lebanon – has witness the uprising of the vegan movement. Now more than ever, meat substitutes are available everywhere, from veggie bacon to TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein), and their staggering popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Tahini: The New Nut Butter

Another popularity that’s gained traction in recent years is the nut butter craze. Like alternative milks, multiple variations of this product have seen the light of day year after year. But did you know that tahini (yes,our dear old pantry staple that we’ve used for centuries) is being picked up as 2019’s healthy nut butter? It’s about time!

Alternative Fats

With keto and paleo diets gaining popularity fairly quickly, the demand for alternative fats such as coconut oil has risen. The most recent contender (and what is being hailed as 2019’s biggest superfood)? Ghee, commonly known as: Samneh! Yes, hydrogenated vegetable oil are making quite the buzz in the Western world, with some practices going as far as adding it into their morning coffee!

Sustainable Packaging

Although this might not directly affect our health, it definitely makes a positive impact on the planet’s health, which in turn reflects into our own. With many major companies like Starbucks renouncing the use of disposable straws and packagings within the next few years, and companies such as Eat A Plate coming with alternatives like edible plates, sustainability is quickly coming at the forefront of everything we do.

Spicing Things Up

Another thing that has been growing in popularity – although it has existed in our cuisine for generations – are Middle Easterm spices. Recently, zaa’tar and sumac have been making their way onto the international scene and are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The way we’ve been following these trends these past few years, it seems all road really do lead back home.

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