Chef Pierre Hermé - Taste & Flavors


Heir to four generations of Alsatian bakery and pastry-making tradition, Pierre Hermé began his career at the age of 14 as an apprentice to Gaston Lenôtre. Famous all around the world, the man that Vogue called “the Picasso of Pastry” has revolutionized pastry-making with regard to taste and modernity.


  • Culinary Philosophy

    Chef Hermé's culinary philosophy is to prefer discreet pastry decors and to "use sugar like salt", in other words, as a seasoning to heighten other shades of flavor. He revolutionizes even the most firmly entrenched traditions.

  • Awards

    Praise has often been lavished on Pierre Hermé, who has been called "pastry provocateur" (Food & Wine), "an avant-garde pastry chef and a magician with tastes" (Paris-Match), "The Kitchen Emperor" (New York Times), and "The King of Modern Patisserie" (The Guardian), along with honors and decorations.

  • Culinary Philosophy

    Lara3 believes cooking should be accessible and frank. A meal doesn’t have to be fancy and elaborate to look and taste amazing. The simplest recipes executed in the right way make for food that is quite simply divine.


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