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Beirut is where the Mediterranean Diet was born, so it’s no wonder that all those who like their food fresh, healthy and organic (or bio) live a very good life here. From farmland to your fingertips, these are some of the absolute best in town.



Born from the passion of clean eating and the holistic well being it brings to people’s lives, its concept is simple – to offer and create nutritious, healthy and great-tasting meals delivered to your doorstep. After working with people who have food allergies, its team of experts was able to successfully develop an organic, balanced menu, low in carbs, free of gluten, dairies and refined sugars.

Available categories: Organic kitchen delivering nutritious meals free of hormones, antibiotics, gluten, dairies, refined sugars and vegetable oils.

Alexander Fleming Street, Mar Mikhael
70 159777



With a vision to celebrate food and traditions that unite communities and support small-scale farmers and producers, the market hosts over 100 producers from all over Lebanon every week, with different food products (Fruits, Vegetables, Mouneh, Lebanese dishes, Honey, Olive and Oil, Pastries, Saj, Sweets, Marzipan and others) as well as traditional and special handmade crafts (kids’ books, soap, glass and pottery).

01 442664



A one-stop organic store carrying organic fruit and vegetables, bread, only organic meat and poultry, and organic or wild fish from British waters. The range of groceries offers gluten-free, dairy-free, raw food, vegetarian and vegan healthy options, while the health and body-care section showcases beauty brands and a wide range of health supplements.

Available categories: Organic Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables, Beverages, Meat, Fish and Poultry, Dairy, Baby Food, Vegan Products, Baby Body and Hair Care, Supplements, Gluten Free Section, Paleo Products, Eco Household Products.

Available brands: Biona, Organic Traditions, Iswari, Primeal, Favrichion.

Bestselling item: Superfoods

Additional services: Delivery, certified nutritional therapist,

Achrafieh, 65 Zahret el Ihsan Street
01 219920, 81 950345



A leading food provider in Lebanon, delivering fresh farm produce in the healthiest manner. The central farm is located in the village of Sghar, Batroun, and is home to poultry and goats, rabbits, geese and over 40 kinds of fruit trees.

Available categories: Fruits, vegetables, Lebanese mouneh, meat and poultry & wine.

01 398111, 03 555653



Biomass has pioneered organic farming in Lebanon since 2007. Offering more than 200 certified organic products according to the European Regulation for Organic Farming, it works with collaborators and partners across Lebanon, Europe and the Americas to provide you with the best in organic food.

Available categories: Fresh Produce (Organic Fruits and Vegetables), fresh organic eggs, organic grocery items ranging from snacks (potato chips,  popcorn) to ketchup, goat labneh, quinoa, oat flakes, and a selection of rice, lentils, oils and vinegars and other healthy goodies.

Additional services: The Biomass farm-to-table restaurant, “Tawlet Biomass”, in partnership with Souk El Tayeb, offers a healthy brunch and lunch buffet on weekends during the Spring and Summer seasons. Farm Tours are also organized and guests can visit an on-site farm shop.

01 446556, 03 622120, 03 532532



For more than 60 years, La Vie Claire has been committed to developing, distributing and advising on organic and natural products for a healthy lifestyle that are respectful of our planet.

Available categories: Organic food, fruits and vegetables, fresh bread, organic gluten-free products, wellbeing & beauty, eco-products, creamery, fresh section, drinks, special diets, baby products, body and beauty products, health – alternative medicine, household products

Available brands: La Vie Claire, Le Potager

Additional services: Expert advice in the shop, Delivery.

Achrafieh 01 204206, 01 201662, Hazmieh 05 956010

Live Organic SAL is a family-owned business operating the largest certified organic (by CCPB) and natural specialty grocery store and the only HACCP-certified retailer in Lebanon.

Available categories: Beverages, spirits, Asian section and macrobiotics, baby food, bakery, body care products, candy and snacks, condiments, dairy products and alternatives, cereals, fruit and vegetables, grains and pulses, meat, poultry and fish, pasta, oil and vinegar, natural and organic supplements, household products

Available brands: Bioitalia, The Canadian Organic Popcorn Company, GoGo Quinoa, Diet-Foods, Dream, Sarchio, Glutino,Taste of Nature, Kind Bars, Simply Protein, Made Good
Additional Services: A fully equipped nutrition clinic for private consultations

Samaha Building, New Naccache
04 444 886, 71 867123

Terroirs du Liban, by Fair Trade Lebanon, is a socially engaged brand offering authentic and natural Lebanese food products, committed to: guaranteeing 100% natural products, valuing local Lebanese products sourced from local and rural food-processing cooperatives and promoting ethics and transparency by applying the principles of Fair Trade.

Available categories: Beverages, mouneh products: olives and oils, spices and condiments, distillates, grains and pulses, jams and spreads, fruit syrups, seasonal and fresh produce, wine and traditional soaps.

Available brands: Terroirs du Liban, Coteaux Les Cèdres
Bestselling item: Goat Labneh, Zaatar Qawzah, Makdouss, Pomegranate Molasses, Fleur de Sel, Honey, Frikeh, Goat Keshech.

Hourani Center, GF, Facing Mekhitaristes school, Hazmieh
05 952153, 71 783444

Nature at Home is the first ‘Well-Being’ online market in Lebanon committed to offering everything you need for a healthy and joyful life.

Available categories: Beverages, Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Eggs, Gluten-Free, Milk-Free, Super Food, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free
Available brands: Adonis Valley, Kamel Farm, Markal, Naturalia, etc…

John Kennedy Str. Jisr el Bacha – Sin el Fil
70 212429

Organic, gluten-free, sugar-free, yeast free, vegan/vegetarian, allergen-friendly bread and desserts.

Independence Street, facing Exotica, Achrafieh
01 201353

Available categories: Available categories: Miso, Vegetable Oil, Sauces, Kuzu, Desserts, Beans, Cereals, Grains, Seeds, Drinks, Tea

Hazmieh, Behind Mt. Lebanon Hospital
03 788613



Available categories: Vitamins and Supplements, Organic Grains, Nuts, Chia, Oil, Coconut Oil

Makdessi Street, Hamra
01 743020, 71 743020, 03980351

‘Bites of delight’ is the first factory in Lebanon that offers gluten-free, vegan, yeast-free, preservative-free, dairy (lactose) and egg-free snack options. Products are constantly tested for their gluten content and the production process is over-viewed by licensed dietitians and food service professionals.

Available categories: The boxes Gluten-free/vegan vanilla biscuits, cranberry biscuits, dark chocolate biscuits and anise biscuits.
The crackers Gluten-free/vegan thyme crackers,coffee crackers, cinnamon crackers, ginger crackers and molasses crackers.
The sticks Gluten-free/vegan thyme sticks, olive sticks, super-seeds sticks.
The ready mixes Gluten-free chocolate and vanilla sponge cake ready mixes

Nadim Dagher Building, Rabweh, Sargi Food Street
70 487796

Eshmoon is a brand of holistic products, made of natural, organic ingredients that range from cosmetics and personal care items to culinary food products. Its range of chocolate is 100% organic and made from natural, unprocessed cacao powder and coconut butter/oil and sweetened with locally sourced molasses or honey. All the products are dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, organic and vegan.

Available categories: Chocolate Carob spread, Chocolate Pills, Chocolate Covered Dried Fruit, Chocolate Bars, Puffed Rice Cereal, Hot Chocolate, Instant Organic Coffee, Molasses, Honey, Dehydrated Grape Sugar, Shampoo, Soap, etc…

Nahr El Mot Highway, Boushrieh, Dora
01 897200, 03 427795

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