Baklava's Day


Baklava is a popular dessert, much loved across the Middle East. In Lebanon, baklava is made of phyllo dough sheets filled with nuts (pistachios, walnut, cashews, pine nuts, almonds) and steeped in “Atir” (ka-tr) syrup made of orange blossom water and rose water, sugar and water.

The city of Tripoli in Lebanon is famous for its baklava products, which is why we asked Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons, a pioneer in the world of Lebanese sweets, to give us his top selling baklava varieties of all time.

Baklava Walnuts
Crunchy layers of filo dough pastry, filled with the finest walnuts and topped with sugar syrup.
Baklava Peanuts Dipped in Chocolat
A melt-in-your-mouth treat of crunchy baklava, filled with peanuts and dipped in premium Belgian chocolate.
Ward el Kasr
Two layers of crunchy filo dough pastry filled with the freshest Kashta.
Halaya Assabeh
Passionately crafted baklava fingers making an ultimate gift for the holiday season.


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