11 best burning foods to add to your shopping list health and wellbeing recommendations


These 11 foods will start narrowing your waist the minute they leave your fork and enter your mouth!

Make sure these are added to your shopping list.


Eating half a grapefruit before meal actually helps you drop weight. It contains cancer-fighting compounds, and red grapefruit has been shown to help lower triglycerides. Plus, half of a grapefruit has just 39 calories!



It’s loaded with protein, which helps stabilize blood sugar, makes you feel full, and helps stimulate metabolism. It’s a great source of omega-3’s, which boost mood and strengthen the cardiovascular system, making hair, skin and nails look better! They are convenient, easy to find, and cheap!



 It’s one of the great weight loss foods. It’s loaded with fiber, each ½ cup has a 8 grams and only a mere 40 calories. High fiber intake is associated with a host of health benefits, not the least of which is weight management. And here’s the deal: it’s the easiest food in the world to prepare.


  1. BEEF

Meat is a great weight loss food. Higher protein diets are associated with weight loss. Protein stimulates the metabolism, helps you feel fuller longer, and helps decrease the desire to overeat. High-protein breakfasts are one of the best weight loss tricks.



They assist in weight loss in a number of ways. Very low in calories, very rich in nutrients, high in fiber and, best of all, have a very low in impact on your blood sugar. They contain a compound shown to have cholesterol-lowering properties. Their antioxidant rating is the highest of any fruit.


  1. NUTS

High in calories, but demonstrated that regular inclusion of nuts in the diet lowers the risk for coronary heart disease by double digits.  Other research shows positive effects on the risk of dementia, stroke, and diabetes. Five nuts just half an hour before your main meal can cut down your appetite by half.

  1. GUAVA

One cup of this vitamin-rich, low-calorie fruit contains a whopping 8 grams of fiber, a well-known aid to weight control (not to mention digestive health).Has antioxidant power.  It contains cancer-fighting antioxidant.


  1. KALE

It’s rich in cancer fighting substances, loaded with bone-building vitamin K. It contains a substance that helps the liver detoxify carcinogens. It has the highest antioxidant rating of any vegetable and is ridiculously low in calories. Try it tossed with olive oil, dried cranberries and some pine nuts.


  1. EGGS

One of the best weight control foods. One egg for breakfast helps you lower calorie consumption throughout the day. The yolk is loaded with stuff good for eye nutrition and helps support brain function. The little bit of fat in the yolk contributes mightily to the feeling of fullness. Don’t be afraid of it.


  1. BEANS

It fills you up, slows the entrance of sugar into the blood system that lead to hunger. It normalizes bowel movements, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, aids in weight loss. Highest fiber containing food 17g/cup. Great source of protein, providing 17g/cup. They are also a fabulous source of antioxidants.



The importance of green tea in battling body fat could not be stressed enough; the phytochemical catechins, found in green tea, is known to speed metabolisms. It is better to consume green tea hot because it will help you lengthen the experience and increase the benefits. Adding honey and lemon to your green tea will not only add to the health factor, but will make the tea incredibly delicious.



You’ll be looking hot after eating some hot peppers! They contain the ingredient capsaicin, which is known to suppress appetite. Cayenne peppers, habaneros, and jalapenos are some mainstream choices.




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