Kebbe Bil kibbeye


Launched June 2019

KBK is a new Lebanese product conceived for the pleasure of the Lebanese people.

The idea came with an increasing need for fast and healthy products; the kebbe being one of the most wanted and adored products in Lebanon, we took it as a landmark.

KBK is presented in 4 flavors: Meat, Chicken, Fish and Falafel for people with different tastes varying from Lebanese, Asiatic to the Vegan lovers.

KBK is 100% a Lebanese product ready to eat, produced with all natural ingredients (no additives)

KBK is found in the supermarket freezers.

Each cup needs between 1 and 2 minutes in the microwave. It can serve as a snack or a full meal when you top it with Yogurt, hommos or any other sip.

Available online& at gourmet shops in 500ml& 15kg tins.


Falafel flavor: LBP3500

Chicken, fish, beef flavors: LBP4000


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