Healthy Snacks and tips for Kids by the nutritionist Rihan Chamseddine


By Riham Shamseddine
Clinical dietitian, specialized in children nutrition

We all want the best for our children, especially when it comes to their health, growth and nutrition.

It is true that many mothers often run out of snacks and lunch box ideas, and find it difficult to be innovative especially when they have a full time job (apart from being a full time job mom!)

In the recent years, the term “healthy” has been misused and often misplaced. The food marketing and labeling of products made it more difficult to differentiate between healthy, organic, no added sugar, sugar free, fat free etc.. As a matter of fact, many organic products can be unhealthy, thus the best thing is to read labels carefully to recognize the ingredients of the product.

I find it very therapeutic and fun to be in the kitchen and experiment with ingredients to try to create easy, healthy recipes that children love. The most important thing is to start them young! That means introduce your child to all kind of foods without hesitation (except if you find out they are allergic to anything!).

We often tend to give up fast when we find that our child is not a big fan of a food item and we run to the kitchen to prepare another quick meal for him/her to have. I really encourage you to keep on trying and never give up, experiment with the food, engage your child with the food prep and you will both find it fun and rewarding. Your child might end up eating this food item and even love it!

Most importantly, keep it simple, do not overthink because at the end this journey should be fun and pleasant!

Here are 3 easy snacks ideas (that can also be served as breakfast and dinner) with very simple, unsophisticated ingredients that we all have in our pantry.

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