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Diwan Beirut was established in Ashrafieh in 1999. Part of Ramy Holding, owners of the famous Al Sultan Brahim, Diwan Beirut was originally called Diwan Al Sultan Brahim. In 2009, the restaurant’s name was changed to Al Diwan Beirut, an in 2015, it was changed, with a renovated venue, to Diwan Beirut.

Diwan Beirut not only offers the finest traditional Lebanese cuisine as you know it, it also offers specialty platters, on a daily basis, that you’re not likely to easily find elsewhere, such as “fawaregh” or “fattet makadem” as well as a wide selection of delicious sandwiches, (shawarmas, taouks, kebabs, kaftas, etc.) prepared with the finest ingredients.

Diwan Beirut has two branches in Ashrafieh and on Antelias highway.

CUISINE  Finest traditional Lebanese cuisine
DON’T MISS Fawaregh, Fattet makadem, Shawarmas, Taouks, Kebabs, Kaftas, etc.
AVERAGE PRICE  LBP  45,000 per pax
Diwan Beirut also has an elaborate delivery menu as well as daily specials to choose from. Its delivery service extends across Ashrafieh and some parts of the Greater Beirut Area.

DELIVERY SPECIAL diwanbeirut.com/menu/pdj/march-2020.pdf



 Ashrafieh, Charles Malek Avenue & Antelias highway


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