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What’s the juiciest, most mouthwatering burger in town? We couldn’t
decide, so Zomato did the hard work for us!


Known for: good meat quality and the live cooking of burgers.

Reviewed by Rita Eid

“We ordered the cheese burger and the BBQ bacon. The Angus beef is excellent, just like it should be, the sauce is amazing,
and the bacon is tasty. The cheese was melting. I loved these burgers. The fries are good too.”


25 000LL for two | Hazmieh, 70-937237


Known for: the first soul food in Beirut.

Reviewed by Joanna Gharios

“Butcher’s BBQ Joint might be the closest thing to heaven for meat lovers. I just don’t know where to begin to describe how
good the food was, from the crispy bacon strips drizzled with honey (OMG!), to the juicy merguez and P.I.G. burgers.”


40 000LL for two | Pharaon Street, Mar Mikhael, 01-567227


Known for: gigantic burger.

Reviewed by Antoine Khoury

“A big variety of food for very affordable prices! The burgers are truly amazing. So delicious especially the Suicide Burger,
not to forget the mozzarella sticks and the bacon rolls.”


30 000LL for two | Main Street, Mrouj, 04-295153


Known for: serving burgers that cook up a gourmet storm.

Reviewed by Gio Maljian

“Definitely the best burger chain up until now, with a wide variety including all the classics, crispy fries and my personal ‘fave’ – the Mexican. CBJ is known to be fairly priced. Burgers should not be expensive and they definitely have respected that fact.”


40 000LL for two | All over Lebanon


Known for: a design inspired by Manhattan’s hip and vibrant neighborhood.

Reviewed by Nour Chaccour

“Their US Angus Burger is the juiciest burger; the meat is perfectly cooked and seasoned, with fresh vegetables, and the sauce
is amazing. The sun dried tomato bread in the Goat Cheese Salad is a great substitution.”


70 000LL for two | Al Barakat Building, Ground Floor, Main Street, Badaro, 76-838386


Known for: warm and friendly atmosphere.

Reviewed by Nour Chaccour

“I had the Ferdinand Burger, an Australian Angus grain-fed beef patty with blueberry sauce and cheddar cheese. One of
the best burgers I’ve had.”


75 000LL for two | AMahatma Gandhi Street, Hamra 01-355955


Known for: retro diners’ ambiance with burgers and milkshakes.

Reviewed by Fady Touma

“My favorite burger place! The meat is tender and juicy, the decor/ambiance is nice and the staff is friendly and helpful.”


70 000LL for two | Pharaon Street, Mar Mikhael 01-449595


Known for: chic, casual and cosmopolitan with a sidewalk location.

Reviewed by Mario Estelle

“We ordered beef burger, chicken burger and a pizza. What really satisfied our taste buds was the burger. A very tender and
juicy meat with a lot of tasty onions, bacon and a delicious sauce, served with curly fries and cheddar sauce.”


90 000LL for two | Le Gray Hotel, Ground Floor, Martyr’s Square, Downtown 01-962862


Known for: A restaurant that serves Canadian specialties.

Reviewed by LebTaste

“Small place, but good food. The burgers the Philly steak and the poutine were great; the cheese and the bacon were
very yummy. The service is good and the staff – very friendly. ”


45 000LL for two | Centre Kaline, Horch Tabet, Sin El Fil, 01-511801


Known for: the newest edition to the Mano legacy, grilling burgers to perfection.

Reviewed by Le Barbour

“What can be better than an ordinary beef patty burger? A Sujuk Burger! A juicy sujuk patty covered with the right cocktail sauce, fresh tomato slices and lettuce with some pickles to give it that extra soury taste.”


20 000LL for two | Blanco Center, Ground Floor, Bourj Hammoud, 01-250052


Known for: free hugs.

Reviewed by Christian Yaacoub

“Previously a garage, this beautifully decorated place has it all! The staff is super nice, the place is warm and very clean.
Portions are good and prices are very fair.”


48 500LL for two | Pharaon Street, Mar Mikhael, 01-570355


Known for: juicy burgers on the way to the south.

Reviewed by Elias Mansour

“A beautiful wooden cabin, young dynamic friendly service, crispy golden fries, good bun, fresh ingredients, delicious meat
and all in all, mouthwatering delicious burgers! Definitely my every time stop on my way south!”


35 000LL for two | Highway, Khalde, Aley District, 03-021464


Known for: American diner presenting different kinds of sandwiches and burgers.

Reviewed by Mario & Estelle

“Order: One super sampler, One double chicken burger with mozzarella sticks dipped in barbecue sauce and bacon, one cheese at heart and potato wedges. Everything was perfectly well cooked and arrived at a good temperature and of course well presented.”


65 800LL for two | All over Lebanon


Known for: A place with bio, fresh and local premium food.

Reviewed by Rita Eid

“I loved the BBQ burger; the Angus beef is fresh thick well cooked and marinated. The sauce is good and so is the seasoning. Prices are good for the portion served.”


20 000LL for two | Old Saida Road, Near Tayouneh Roundabout, Chiyah, Baabda, 01-395014


Known for: Serving only one burger.

Reviewed by Eaternity

“This is the definition of delicious, high quality street food. The burger is awesome because all the ingredients are fresh and of good quality. The patty and the cheese taste heavenly and the fries are perfect. We highly recommend you to try it.”


35 000LL for two | Mar Mikhael, Hamra, Faraya


Known for: Serving juicy burgers in a cozy atmosphere and brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Reviewed by myCityBeirut

“This is one darn good burger! Every layer is perfected. Even the fries are awesome. I really enjoy eating here. Service was fast and the waiters were really friendly.”


100 000LL for two | Alexander Fleming Street, Mar Mikhael, 01-569040


Known for: A refill on fries.

Reviewed by Ralph Siriani

“The hamburgers are just perfect. The meat is juicy and the association of the ingredients gives a terrific taste to the burgers. Moreover, the fries with cheddar are a very appetizing appetizer.”


22 000LL for two | Saad El Khoury Building, Bon Pasteur St., Behind AUST, Achrafieh, 76-746555

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