12 Best Burgers - by Taste & Flavors


Our love for burgers lives on, this time with new hot spots added to the list by our trusty friends at Zomato


“At the heart of Badaro lies La Burgeria, a great cozy place that offers one of the best burgers in the neighborhood! Prices are beyond reasonable and affordable with respect to the premium quality of its burgers. Definitely a must-try!”

Badaro, Beirut


“By Skirt is a fantastic place to grab a burger at the heart of Mar Mikhael. Aside of its excellent service and friendly staff, it is a great place to taste and savor a burger of high quality. Burger lovers, check it out!”

Alexander Fleming, Beirut


“When I think of ordering burgers, Bob’s is the first place that pops into my mind. If you are craving juicy burgers and delicious wedges, this is the place for you. The Mushroom Swiss Burger and the Alfredo wrap are a must try. Food takes a maximum of 15 mins to be delivered. Prices are very affordable, especially the combos.”

Reviewer: Iris
Rating on Zomato 4.2/5

Average price: 25,000 L.L. (Cost for two)
Main Street, Aaramoun, Aley


“Been hearing about Ferdinand for years and today I finally got to try their Ferdinand burger! Maybe the best burger I’ve had! The tarragon mayo and the bacon and the sweet potato crisp are a perfect combination, the meat is moist and cooked perfectly, the bun is soft and crunchy on the side! Fries are perfectly crispy and well-seasoned, with an authentic bbq side sauce!”

Reviewer: Dima’s Cravings
Rating on Zomato 4.6/5

Average price: 75,000 L.L. (Cost for two)
Mahatma Gandhi Street, Hamra


“Food District is a modern food court in the heart Hamra. The burgers we ordered (BBQ Dipper and Brisket Burger) were out of this world. Very creative combinations. Prices are fair. The music and atmosphere are pleasant. Overall it was a good experience!”

Reviewer: Foodismadness
Rating on Zomato 4.3/5

Average price: 35,000 L.L. (Cost for two)
Jeanne D’arc Street, Facing Books and Pens, Hamra


“A small joint on the road with a few bar seats to watch the preparation. The guy who works there and the chef are super friendly and helpful. They recommended the Hamburguru and the French raclette burger. What I enjoyed is that I was easily able to feel a difference in the taste between the burgers. I’ve faced that issue with a lot of places where all the choices tasted the same; not here. The ingredients are super fresh, the bun is delicious and the chef succeeded in creating a signature patty and it is succulent.”

Reviewer: Elias Mansour
Rating on Zomato 4.2/5

Average price: 30,000 L.L. (Cost for two)
Main Street, Facing Middle East Airlines, Jal el Dib


“Located in the Bourj Hammoud, Mano Burger offers a good choice of your burger cravings, but what makes it quite special is their prices. Entering the place and looking at the cost, you usually expect a low or very average quality burger (for around 8000 L.L. you can get a burger, a fries box and a drink). The burgers were very enjoyable with tasty sauces and special flavors.”

Reviewer: Tanoush
Rating on Zomato 4.3/5

Average price: 35,000 L.L. (Cost for two)
Blanco Center, Ground Floor, Municipality Street, Bourj Hammoud


“This place serves one of the best burgers and wings in town. The WTF Burger is a must try, with their special secret sauce and manchego cheese. The beef is cooked to perfection and juicy.”

Reviewer: Rita Eid
Rating on Zomato 4.4/5

Average price: 40,000 L.L. (Cost for two)
Gouraud Street, Near Red Cross, Gemmayze


“This place deserves a shoutout! Two days ago, my friend and I decided to give it a try and we ended up very satisfied. The place is really cool. I loved the ambiance and the comfortable seating. We tried two and I recommend both – Truffle Burger and Big Kahuna. Thumbs up for the soft, tender and delicious bun.”

Reviewer: Joëlle Gemayel
Rating on Zomato 4.1/5

Average price: 35,000 L.L. (Cost for two)
Gemmayzeh, end of Gouraud Street


“When I think of a burger outlet, I imagine a small space with live cooking, a bar to sit and a few tables and chairs. You could say I was really surprised when I entered the BBQ house, big space, nicely decorated, nice vibe and ambiance. Ordered the Honey Mustard Burger and loved it! The burger is so filling, chicken is good and the sauce is yummy, I would definitely order it again!”

Reviewer: Yasmina Khalaf
Rating on Zomato 4.2/5

Average price: 30,000 L.L. (Cost for two)
Kabalan 609 Center, Old Saida Road, Near Mar Mikhael Church, Chiyah


“There are days when you want to ditch the ordinary and try something new, especially burgers. I’ve been playing it so safe visiting the same outlets, but today I decided to surf over Instagram and try something new. Luckily, I didn’t make a bad decision. The Bros burgers are so good. The variety of options in the menu is an A+ and the ambiance and experience are both perfect. I tried the Home-Run Burger and the Animal Cheese Fries; so satisfying for a lunch that I would eat for dinner as well!”

Reviewer: Alain Abou Jaoude
Rating on Zomato 4.5/5

Average price: 40,000 L.L. (Cost for two)
Rue de Madrid, Mar Mikhael


“Small dimmed place in Gemmayze, great for dates or small gatherings and a cute high table in case you come and there are no free tables. With three sets of menus depending on what time you arrive you always have different options. Can’t resist their medium rare dry aged burger.”

Reviewer: The BeyList
Rating on Zomato 4.1/5

Average price: 100,000 L.L. (Cost for two)
Alexander Fleming Street, Mar Mikhael

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